Mosaic, designed by Barbara Broekman for P&O's Pride of HullPainting by Tim Maguire on board of P&O's Pride of RotterdamNeon sculpture by Titia Ex for P&O's Pride of Rotterdam

P&O North Sea Ferries

The two new P&O cruiseferries sailing the route Rotterdam-Europoort - Hull the Pride of Rotterdam and the Pride of Hull, were both decorated with artworks by Enterprise & Art in 2001.

For the first time in her existence, Enterprise & Art was responsible for the complete organization of this project, from the selection of artists andproduction to  transport and installation of the artworks on board of the ships.

Over 20 Dutch and British artists produced works for these two ships, among whom Barbara Broekman, Titia Ex, Jan Hendrix en de Britten Tim Maguire en Matthew Radford.

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