The FIRST ART FAIR is a sparkling New Year’s Fair for contemporary art. The fair offers a unique meeting place for an audience that is looking for accessible and enriching art.

It is the only fair where both independent artists and galleries present themselves. At the fair you will find painting and sculpture, glass, photography and jewelry from hundreds of renowned and young artists, spread over the stands of circa 25 selected galleries and 75 artist from all over the Netherlands.

The third edition of FIRST ART FAIR will take place from January 19 to 22, 2023.

Are you interested in participating in this upcoming edition? Please contact us via info@firstartfair.nl.

Date: January 19 to 22, 2023

Location: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Website: www.firstartfair.nl



The KunstRAI is one of the oldest fairs for modern and contemporary art in the world, deeply rooted in both the national and international art scene.

More than 80 galleries present their selection of paintings, sculptures, photography, design and jewelery. Both experienced and emerging art lovers will be introduced to events and backstage programs such as the presentation of the Sluijters Prize and the Jeanne Oosting Prizes.

Every year, the KunstRAI invites seven galleries from a foreign city, region or country to create a special presentation. After Berlin, Antwerp and Barcelona, ​​among others, last year seven galleries from different cities in Japan have shown their collection on the ‘Focus Japan’ square. This presentation was organized in collaboration with YOD Gallery in Osaka, who also has participated in last years’ fair.

KunstRAI 2023 will take place from 3 – 7 May 2023.

Are you interested in participating in KunstRAI 2023? Please contact us via info@kunstrai.nl.

Date: 3 – 7 May, 2023

Location: RAI Amsterdam

Website: www.kunstrai.nl

Art on Paper Amsterdam

Art on Paper Amsterdam

Every year, Enterprise & Art organizes the fair for art on paper in Westergas Amsterdam. The fair takes place in September, during the opening of the cultural season.

During the fair, about 35 galleries will solely present work on paper. Beginning art lovers are likely to make one of their first art purchases at Art on Paper. The location is the industrial-monumental Gashouder on the Westergas site, well known to a young and culture-loving public.

Work on paper, be it charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, gouache or collage, often express an artists’ most spontaneous and artisticly free moments. The directness associated with this medium brings the artist and viewer closely together. The medium is not only artistically special, but is often accessible and attractive in terms of size and price.

Their intimacy and vulnerability thrive with the exclusive attention they receive at a specialized art fair. Art fairs that are focused on one particular medium such as paper, are appreciated globally by many galleries and a mainly younger audience.

Are you interested in participating in Art on Paper 2023? Please contact us via info@artonpaperamsterdam.nl.

Date: March 16-19, 2023

Location: Gashouder, Westergas Amsterdam

Website: www.artonpaperamsterdam.nl



Enterprise & Art organized ART BREDA from 2016 to 2019.

During ART BREDA, more than 70 renowned traders in art and antiques and galleries for contemporary art showed their collection in the Breepark event hall.

The fair consisted of an interesting blend of ancient art, antiques and contemporary art. Twentieth-century design, Asian art, Art Deco, clocks, jewelery and silver were displayed in an attractive atmosphere. Contemporary art galleries displayed a wide range of paintings and sculptures, photography, glass and ceramics by well-known artists and emerging talents.

All participants have been selected by committees, ensuring professionalism and quality. Prior to the opening of the fair, all objects offered has been assessed by expert inspection committees.

Location: Breepark, Breda

Website: www.artbreda.nl



In 2017 Enterprise & Art organized FOR REAL, a fair for contemporary figurative art.

FOR REAL focused on contemporary art, without abandoning the traditional figuration, which has a loyal and enthusiastic audience. A number of galleries that have never participated before were present at the fair with contemporary figurative art. At the fair, paintings and sculptures, graphics and photography by hundreds of renowned and young artists were offered for sale by approximately 35 selected galleries.

Location: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam



For thirteen years, Enterprise & Art organized Realisme; the art fair for contemporary figurative art.

Around 30 renowned national and international galleries took part in the fair, specializing in contemporary figurative painting and sculpture, drawing, graphics and photography.

In addition to work by established artists, several galleries showed work by young emerging talent to give figurative art new impulses.

Location: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Open Art Fair

Open Art Fair

Enterprise & Art organized the Open Art Fair at Jaarbeurs Utrecht from 2012 to 2018.

During this five-day fair, visitors enjoyed a rich and versatile range of visual arts. A wide variety of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, photography, glass and ceramics, were discussed.

One of the pillars of the event was the important role of the gallery in the purchase of an artwork. For example, a good gallery sifts the large selection for its visitors and customers and only shows what it considers valuable, fascinating and beautiful. In many cases, a gallery owner will share the story behind the artwork to the interested visitor, whose appreciation for the artwork will be even greater.

Its diverse character provided visiters to the Open Art Fair an excellent opportunity to become acquinted with many art forms and to be introduced to a large number of galleries, allowing them to make a well-considered choice for a work of art that appealed to them most.

Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Meesterlijk – design and craft

Meesterlijk – design and craft

Enterprise & Art organized Meesterlijk – Design and Craft, the fair for design and applied art from 2008 to 2012.

Meesterlijk is a sales fair, where approximately 100 designers and producers of handmade quality products at the interface of applied art and design can show and sell their products.

Location: Westergas, Amsterdam

Dutch Art Now

Dutch Art Now

In 2010, Enterprise & Art organized a second art fair in New York for the Fair Foundation.

Nine galleries donned the daring and successfully displayed work by their artists in the Mecca of modern art. The participants were: Galerie Bart, Galerie Brandt, Gallery Maria Chailloux, Galerie Mokum, Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs, Galerie Rademakers, Witzenhausen Gallery and Van Zijll Langhout from Amsterdam and Collection Harms Rolde from Rolde.

Location: National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York